Frequently Asked Questions

Qusetions 1.0

Minimum withdrawal BTC 0.0045000
Maximum withdrawal for BTC 10.00000000 
Minimum increase after the first withdrawal

Qusetions 2.1 

You can change your captcha On Settings And preferences

Qusetions 3.2

As a Free User You can only have 250 Direct Referrals

Upgrade your account to benefit more. Check our upgrade plans

Qusetions 4.3

We have three games  
That Will Help You Multiply Your Credits
Video Games
Dice Games
And Roll Dice Lottery
But It Is Highly Prohibited To Use Malicious Programs To Alter The System Recerves the Right to Sue in a Case of Scam by Malicious Programs 

Qusetions 5.6

What would my referral commissions be?
PTC clicks 25%
Video Games 3%
Dice Games 5%
Roll Dice Lottery 3%
Investments 5% 
To increase your earnings you must still raise your membership

Qusetions 6.7

It has two processors And
The whole system is automatic After 1 confirmation


Qusetions 7.8

Points Each Point is = 0.00000020 BTC
You will earn points for these arias
PTC clicks
Video Games
Dice Games 
Roll Dice Lottery
New Referrals 

Qusetions 8.9

Traffic Exchange
You will be get 0.00000016 BTC  For each visit
But this balance can only be used to buy plans for Traffic Exchange 
You  can Credits unlimitedly earn points